How to invest in crypto currency ?

 How to invest Crypto currency?


 Crypto market is a highly volatile market and in reality there is no fundamental rule to invest in it.  You can guess this from the fact that here people like Elon Musk can increase or decrease the price of any crypto currency with just 1 tweet.

 Before investing in Crypto currency, do research on 5 things-

 Holder% - In whatever crypto currency you want to invest, first of all see that

 Top 100 holders do not have more than 50% holding because if they have more holding then they can pump or dump that crypto anytime for their benefit and it can cause you a lot of loss.

 Must read White Paper - Every crypto has its own white paper which contains all the information about it.  Like when that crypto was created, how it was created, why it was created, what will be the benefit of it, what is the plan of the company in the future, like all the information about such things is there, so that investors get confidence to invest in it.

 Must check Community - Before investing in Crypto, see how socially active the community of that crypto is, for this you can check their website, Twitter.  Which shows that they are working for their future goals or that crypto is designed to fraud.

 Galaxy score and Alt rank - Must see before investing in Galaxy score and Alt rank Crypto currency.

 Mining - It is also very important to know which crypto can become how much or it can be made unlimited.

 Invest by doing your own research.

 If you also want to invest in crypto currency, then invest only 10% of your income in the beginning.

 Learn as much as possible before investing and only then invest.  Because the more you learn, the more you will earn.

 If you have learned and want to invest in crypto currency, you can start with India's best crypto currency investing app Coin Dcx.

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