How can I make 1000$ in Crypto currency?

How can I make 1000$ in crypto currency ?               

You can earn 1000$ from crypto currency in 3 ways-

        Trading.        Investing            Mining 

  1. If you want to earn 1000$ by investing less amount in crypto currency,then you can do Trading and Investing ,but both of them have high risk and if you have a little more amount to invest,then you can do crypto mining. You can also earn more money by doing this.There is less risk in mining but it takes more investment.

  • Trading - Trading is the fastest way to earn money from crypto currency but for this you have to learn the most because if you do trading without learning then you may be poor now but after trading you become a beggar.

    How to learn trading?        


   To learn trading, you have to focus on 2     things- 

      Technical analysis.    Trading Mindset 

  Technical analysis - To learn technical        analysis, you have to learn 6 things.

  • Candlestick Pattern - By learning to Candlestick Pattern, you can read the opening price, closing price, high price and low price of that crypto in a fixed timeframe and can trade by predicting what will happen in next interval.
  1. Time Frame - Time frame is very important thing in the world of trading because you have to trade by setting the time frame according to the style of you will be trading. Suppose if you trade for 2 hours, then you set the time frame of 1 or 5 min or if you will do intraday trading, then you can analyse by setting a time frame of 30min or 1hr .                                                               
  2. Chartpatern - Chartpatern analysis is also a very important thing, by learning this, according to which trend is going on in Crypto, we predict whether a uptrend will come or a downtrend and trade accordingly.                                                           
  3. Entry and Exit - When you have to do Entry and Exit, this also decides your profit and loss . If you buy When the up trend is about to come then you you will make profit and if you buy When the down trend is about to come then you may suffer loss.                                                    
  4. Stop Loss - It is not necessary that you will make profit every day, sometimes you will also make loss and to minimize this loss, stop loss is applied while trading and never do trading without applying Stop loss.                                       
   Tools and Indicators - By learning to            use tools and Indicators , you can               maximize your profit and minimize           your loss.

  • Trading Mindset - Even if you learn technical analysis but are unable to develop Trading Mindset, you can still suffer a lot of loss.

    Invest as much money in trading as you can  lose and even after losing it does not make any difference to you. Never do trading by taking a loan, because of this you can get into a lot of trouble.

    In the beginning, do swing trading, after that you can gradually trade in smaller time frames.

   Trade by looking for good opportunities. Do not trade all the time.

   Divide your capital and trade after that.

   Don't be too greedy, if you are getting profit 3- 4 times, then don't invest all at once.  This can make you lose all the money.

   Always keep learning because the more you learn, the more you will earn.

   Investing - You can earn 1000$ even from Investing but it takes a little more time.

   To learn investing , Focus on two things  -

  Fundamental analysis.      Invest Mindset

  •  Crypto Mining - When a person sends his crypto to another person, then in order to transmit crypto to another person, many computers together solve a complex math equation and make a block chain and verify the transaction, this is called mining and  Those who do this are called miners.


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