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EMI Calculator - Calculate your EMI in easyest way

EMI Calculator 

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Is a credit card a trap? 

Yes, Credit card is a type of trap and it has been made to trap us in the cycle of the loan. But, by using it properly, we can get many benefits from this.

How do people get trapped in a cycle of Credit depth? 

The credit card gives us a loan for 15 to 45 days with a 0% interest rate. So that can use this money in an emergency when we do not have money. 

Due to this greed, we take credit cards. 

But the problem comes when we exhaust the entire amount on the credit card and we are unable to repay the money. 

Then the real game of credit card companies begins because if we take an ordinary loan from the bank then, we get only 12% to 18% interest in a year. 

But after the billing date is exceeded the credit card interest of 2.5% to 3.5% interest is charged every month and if we talk about annual interest, then it takes 30% to 42% which is 2 times more interest than an ordinary loan. Due to this, we get trapped in the credit card loan trap and our finances get very bad. 

Pros of credit cards

Credit card is very useful in a medical emergency like a medical emergency by which someone's life can be saved. 

We get interest-free loans for 15 to 45 days with credit cards. 

Credit cards allow us to improve our credit scores so that we can get bigger loans in future. 

With a credit card, we get many rewards points and discounts through this. 

Cons of credit cards

High-interest rates can ruin us financially by trapping us in the cycle Of loans. 

If we do not repay the credit card loan On time, then our credit score will be bad and we will not get further loans. 

How to build a good credit score? 

You have to keep your credit utilization limit below 30% every time. If it is above then 30% you will realize that your Credit score has been affected. 

If your salary or income is more you can do one thing that you can request your bank to increase your credit card limit. 

What will happen next if you have a 10000$ limit and now it 2000$ example if you were using 500$ it was at 50% credit utilization which meant you are using 50% off your credit but if the limit is 2000$ and you are using 500$ then your credit limit is 25% which is less than 30% which means it is good for your credit score. 

You can do one more thing  you can get a new card if your income is good and if you are spending from one

card again and again and its utilization percentage is high then

you can get a new card, in which you do not have to pay joining fees and annual charges.  

Don't apply for too many credit cards. if you need one or two credit cards, put a limit on why you apply if you don't need a lot of loans. 

Take an easy loan and pay as soon as possible. Due to this your credit score gets increases. 

Don't check your credit score again and again. Checking the credit score again and again also makes the credit score worse. 

Is Adani shares will raise or fall ?

Adani's shares will rise or fall, now it will depend on two things.

  1.  If Adani Group proves the allegations by Hiddenburg wrong then they may come back again or else their shares will fall further.                                                                 
  2.  People's faith will decide whether the shares of Adani Group will rise or fall because if the same allegations were made on TATA Group then the whole country would have been with TATA Group.
Adani Group vs Hiddenburg Research 

On January 25th 2023, Hiddenberg released 106 page report on its website, containing 88 question ask from the Adani group, and 720 citations, meaning the evidence was provided for why it was said.The title of the report was "How The World's 3rd Richest Man is Pulling The Largest Con in Corporate History". This report was made after two years of research and multiple travel to different countries where Adani Group links were found. 

Hiddenberg Research don't even let to know anyone that on whom they are researching.In case of Adani, New York magazine published a detailed report in January 2022, on which it was written Nathan Anderson is downloading entire Mauritius Corporate Registry but it was unclear at the time who was being researched. It has been revealed that this was part of an investigation into the Adani Group. The report was very attacking towards the Adani Group and did not show any leniency. The report created a storm in India, and as results, Adani 's ranking on the list of the richest people in the world went from the third to the eight. The company suffered a loss of 65 billion dollars. Loha circuit had to put on Adani stop which means you can't exit by selling shares at the particular lowest price. Adani shares,  including Adani Ports, Adani Power and Adani Green,all dropped, causing a loss for Adani and also affecting the Indian stock market, which lost 4lakh crore rupees. 

Regarding the Hindenburg report, it contain multiple allegation against the Adani group.Let me explain you some major allegation. The main allegation is stock manipulation, which has been an ongoing issue for the Adani group.
For example, in March 2020, the price of a share of Adani Enterprise was around 130 rupees, and by November 2022 the price had risen to over 4,000 rupees. This is not a normal occurrence for a share price to increase so rapidly. "What did Adani Enterprise do to cause such a rapid increase in its stock price in such a short amount of time, even during the coronavirus pandemic and when the market is closed due to recession - like conditions? The image shows how Adani group's company has risen high in just three years, as reported in the share." 

You may say shares were in demand, that's why Adani shares price increased. Why to panic for this ? It just a game of demand and supply. But one should also think about why people are buying Advani's share at such price? You can say that performance is good, Adani has made so much profit that people are forced to buy shares. During the time of Corona and recession, their performance was not that great, so how did their shares increase ? This is because they created an artificial demand.  

If a company is listed on a Stock Market Exchange, it becomes easy for the company to control demand and supply, and also control the share prices, which can make the company rich or poor. That's why SEBI has made a rule that no listed company can hold more than 75% shares, to keep the market fair. Normally, companies keep 40 - 50% shares with them, but Adani keep 75% of shares with them and for other 25% of shares. They create fake demand by investing through their own shell company which is in Mauritius, Singapore and UAE. So Adani have majority control indirectly as per Hiddenberg report. Apart from this let me tell you another thing, LIC and SBI (where you take insurance from LIC and deposit your money in SBI) have been invested in Adani's shares. LIC has bought Adani's shares for 74 thousand crore rupees, and SBI has also invested thousands of crore in the Adani group's shares. They have also given loans, which is separate, this is just investment with all this Adani shares demand is increasing and when common man sees this, then he also wanted to make money through Stock Market . So the aelegation on Adani Group is that they have increased their share price by creating Artificial demand and not by Adani Group performance and when government organisation like SBI and LIC invest then this indicate the involvement of Government with Adani. 

The share price decide "Asia's Richest","World Richest". Company's value increase depending on increasing in share price and owner of company will become more rich. Let's say I have a company with a total of 100 shares. A investor comes and buys 10 shares for 10 thousand. When this happens, my company's valuation becomes 1 lakh. Similarly, when companies like LIC and SBI invest, the company's valuation increases and the price of shares goes up. And then these shares are used as collateral to take out a loan.

Adani Group has taken this loan of 2 lakh crore and if a 10 - 12% interest is charged, like it is charged on a common person, then the profit of many companies under Adani Group won't even reach that much. To understand this, there is also a chart of Current Ratio in the Hiddenberg report. The best way to understand the financial condition of companies is to find out their Current Ratio.  Calculate current assets divided by current liabilities to find the Current Ratio . If the ratio is less than 1, it means that if the company is asked to return the death, it won't have enough assets to sell to pay the death. 

According to Hiddenberg, the Current Ratio of 5 companies under Adani Group Adani Green, Adani Power, Adani Total Gas, Adani Transmission and Adani Enterprises is less than 1. Imagine a scenario where are a company has not been able to make a profit or there is a recession or Adani Total Gas, which has a Current Ratio of 0.2, meaning it has taken 5 times the depth compared to its assets, how will it repay its remaining dept. And when a company takes a loan by giving its shares  collateral, the loan amount is based on the share price. For example if the share is worth a lakh rupees, then that much loan will  be given. If for some reason the share price decreases the Bank can ask for the loan to be returned. In that case Adani group can be in trouble. This report tells that Adani Group  has taken loan more than needed .

Before the Adani Group investing, Hiddenberg's biggest investigations was into a company Nikola, which manufactured electric vehicles. Hiddenburg named their report on Nikola "An Ocean of Lies". At the time, Nikola's market value was 34 billion dollars, but after the Hindenburg report was released, it's value dropped to only 1.3 billion dollars. It is not always the case that the shares of the company being investigated decreases and a case against it may also be initiated.

What is Hiddenburg Research ?

  • Hiddenburg Research is a forensic financial research company, also known a short selling company. It is same as other company that run to make a profit. Hiddenberg Research makes money through financial

On May 6,1997, When a German airship named the Hindenburg caught fire and 35 people lost their lives.This was one of the world's biggest disasters and was considered a man - made disaster because there was an excessive amount of hydrogen gas and 100 people should not have been seated on the world's most flamable material.This whole incident could have been avoided. 

Nathan Anderson,an Israel citizen who once run an ambulance in Jerusalem, earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Connecticut and named his company after the Hindenburg disaster in 2017 ,which he calls Hiddenburg Research.Nathan says that just as the disaster was a man - made mistake that could have been prevented, similarly his.    company, Hiddenberg Research aims to prevent financial man - made disaster by searching for them and saves peoples money. Before starting this company ,Nathan worked with Harry Markopolos and uncovered the biggest financial fraud in history, Bernie Madooffs Ponzi scheme. 

Hiddenburg Research is a forensic financial research company, also known a short selling company. It is same as other company that run to make a profit. Hiddenberg Research makes money through financial research all over the world. They claim to have 10 years of experience in this field, but the company was only established released in 2017, so it's unclear how they can claim 10 years of experience,may be they are including their individual experiences .

How Hiddenberg make 

Now, you may be wondering how they make money through Researching and how they work?.

If you are familiar with the stocks market, you know about short selling. For who don't know,I will explain briefly. When you purchase a stock, when the stock price rises then you make a profit. But there is another way, where you make a profit when the stock price falls, which is known as short selling. Here's an example to help explain. Let's say I don't have any money and I get information that the Reliance stock will drop on the 10th . Suppose each share is worth 3000 rupees then I tell my broker to give me an Reliance share on loan, and I will return it to him on the 10th but I won't pay money,I will give share to the broker at rate of that time. I immediately sell the shares, I got from the broker in the market at 3000 rupees before 10th. Now, let's say on the 10th day, the Reliance share to 2000 rupees. I buy it back at 2000 rupees and return it to the broker. Now,I have 1000 rupees left over and I made profit. But this will only happen if I know the share price will fall . This is how Hiddenberg makes money through short selling.

Hiddenburg research first dose a deep research on a company that is suspected of fraud, and it takes years to research it . After creating a complete report, they release it on social media and news outlets. As soon as there is a commotion in the market, the shares of that particular company drop, and Hiddenberg makes its money. The company operates by giving all detail to its investor before making the report public. The investors invest money through short selling. As soon as the company share decrease they make a large profit, and Hiddenberg takes a cut of this profit. This is the company's way of making money and they don't carry out any illegal activities as this is fully legal in the US. Hindenburg Research is a company whose location is not even known. According to Wikipedia, the company has only 5 employees, but still people take it very seriously as they have carried out 45 investigations in the past 5 years.

 How to invest money in your 20s?                        

  1.  Decide why do you want to invest?
  2.  Invest in your financial knowledge
  3.  Set your financial goals
  4. Decide where you will invest 
  5.  Make your budget 
  6. Start Investing as soon as possible 

 Why do you want to invest?

  •  Before you invest, you decide why do you want to invest.  If you want to invest to become a millionaire then this mindset is correct but if you want to invest crores of rupees just to spend them then this is a wrong mindset.  You can never become rich with this mindset.  Suppose you got a good return on investment and you buy a car with that money, your investment will again become zero .But if you then buy a car.  When you have the money to buy 10 cars like that, your investment will grow and you will become rich.

How to invest in your financial knowledge?

  •  How rich or poor you will become will depend on your financial knowledge.  That's why first of all you increase your financial knowledge.  To increase financial knowledge, read more books about Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Dhirubhai Ambani and Warren Buffett, the world's biggest investor.  From which you will also know how he became so rich and how you can become rich.  You can also learn a lot about investing by reading Warren Buffett's book.  Apart from this, you can also join some courses from which you can learn a lot because the more you learn, the more you will earn.           


   Set your financial goals.                      

  •  First of all, set your financial goal. Goal setting is also very important because until you do not set your goal, you cannot complete it.


How to make your budget?

  •  You can use the 50:30:20 rule to make your budget.

  1. Out of whatever you earn, you should run your household expenses with 50%.
  2.  Spend 30% on the things you want to have because your desires are also important.  If you don't enjoy your youth then when will you.
  3.  You keep 20% only for investing.  By which you will be able to grow your wealth.

Where to invest in your 20s?
  •  Best 3 investments in your 20s-

  1.  Index Funds
  2.  Stocks 
  3. Real estate

  •  Index Funds -  Index funds hold top 30 companies listed in Sensex or top 50 companies listed in Nifty.From these we find out how the market is and your return will also be decided by the performance of the market.

     If you are a beginner and you do not have any investment knowledge and you do not have time to research stocks then you can easily invest in Index Fund.

    Benefits of investing in Index Fund

  1.  You will easily get 12% - 15% annual return in Index Funds.
  2.  It has a very low expense ratio as compared to Mutual Funds. 
  3. You don't even have to do any research in this.
  4. In this, you know which companies' shares you are buying.
  5.  In Index Funds, your portfolio is diversified so that even if one or two stocks do not perform well, you will get good returns.

  •  Stocks - Companies sell their stake in the form of stocks, so that you too can become a shareholder of that company.  To invest in stocks, you have to learn Share Market, how to select stocks and how long to hold them.

 Benefits of investing in stocks

  1.  If you buy good stocks after doing research, then you can get more than 20% return from stocks.
  2.  In this you also get divdend.
  3. In this you can easily withdraw money by selling shares.
  4. In this, you can make your best portfolio by choosing shares from yourself.

  •  Real state - Especially land is the best investment in India because India's population is increasing very fast and according to that the land is also decreasing very much.  Right now the population of our country is 140 crores and by 2025, India will leave China behind and become the world's largest populated country.

 Benefits of investing in Land

  1.  With the increase in population, the value of your land will also increase very fast.
  2.  By buying land at a good place, you can build a house or shop in it and give it on rent, so that you will continue to earn passive income.

  •  Start Investing - The sooner you start investing, the sooner you can become rich.  Warren Buffett is so rich today because he started investing only at the age of 11.  He was able to grow his wealth with the help of compounding in the long run.


How can I make 1000$ in crypto currency ?               

You can earn 1000$ from crypto currency in 3 ways-

        Trading.        Investing            Mining 

  1. If you want to earn 1000$ by investing less amount in crypto currency,then you can do Trading and Investing ,but both of them have high risk and if you have a little more amount to invest,then you can do crypto mining. You can also earn more money by doing this.There is less risk in mining but it takes more investment.

  • Trading - Trading is the fastest way to earn money from crypto currency but for this you have to learn the most because if you do trading without learning then you may be poor now but after trading you become a beggar.

    How to learn trading?        


   To learn trading, you have to focus on 2     things- 

      Technical analysis.    Trading Mindset 

  Technical analysis - To learn technical        analysis, you have to learn 6 things.

  • Candlestick Pattern - By learning to Candlestick Pattern, you can read the opening price, closing price, high price and low price of that crypto in a fixed timeframe and can trade by predicting what will happen in next interval.
  1. Time Frame - Time frame is very important thing in the world of trading because you have to trade by setting the time frame according to the style of you will be trading. Suppose if you trade for 2 hours, then you set the time frame of 1 or 5 min or if you will do intraday trading, then you can analyse by setting a time frame of 30min or 1hr .                                                               
  2. Chartpatern - Chartpatern analysis is also a very important thing, by learning this, according to which trend is going on in Crypto, we predict whether a uptrend will come or a downtrend and trade accordingly.                                                           
  3. Entry and Exit - When you have to do Entry and Exit, this also decides your profit and loss . If you buy When the up trend is about to come then you you will make profit and if you buy When the down trend is about to come then you may suffer loss.                                                    
  4. Stop Loss - It is not necessary that you will make profit every day, sometimes you will also make loss and to minimize this loss, stop loss is applied while trading and never do trading without applying Stop loss.                                       
   Tools and Indicators - By learning to            use tools and Indicators , you can               maximize your profit and minimize           your loss.

  • Trading Mindset - Even if you learn technical analysis but are unable to develop Trading Mindset, you can still suffer a lot of loss.

    Invest as much money in trading as you can  lose and even after losing it does not make any difference to you. Never do trading by taking a loan, because of this you can get into a lot of trouble.

    In the beginning, do swing trading, after that you can gradually trade in smaller time frames.

   Trade by looking for good opportunities. Do not trade all the time.

   Divide your capital and trade after that.

   Don't be too greedy, if you are getting profit 3- 4 times, then don't invest all at once.  This can make you lose all the money.

   Always keep learning because the more you learn, the more you will earn.

   Investing - You can earn 1000$ even from Investing but it takes a little more time.

   To learn investing , Focus on two things  -

  Fundamental analysis.      Invest Mindset

  •  Crypto Mining - When a person sends his crypto to another person, then in order to transmit crypto to another person, many computers together solve a complex math equation and make a block chain and verify the transaction, this is called mining and  Those who do this are called miners.


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 How to invest Crypto currency?


 Crypto market is a highly volatile market and in reality there is no fundamental rule to invest in it.  You can guess this from the fact that here people like Elon Musk can increase or decrease the price of any crypto currency with just 1 tweet.

 Before investing in Crypto currency, do research on 5 things-

 Holder% - In whatever crypto currency you want to invest, first of all see that

 Top 100 holders do not have more than 50% holding because if they have more holding then they can pump or dump that crypto anytime for their benefit and it can cause you a lot of loss.

 Must read White Paper - Every crypto has its own white paper which contains all the information about it.  Like when that crypto was created, how it was created, why it was created, what will be the benefit of it, what is the plan of the company in the future, like all the information about such things is there, so that investors get confidence to invest in it.

 Must check Community - Before investing in Crypto, see how socially active the community of that crypto is, for this you can check their website, Twitter.  Which shows that they are working for their future goals or that crypto is designed to fraud.

 Galaxy score and Alt rank - Must see before investing in Galaxy score and Alt rank Crypto currency.

 Mining - It is also very important to know which crypto can become how much or it can be made unlimited.

 Invest by doing your own research.

 If you also want to invest in crypto currency, then invest only 10% of your income in the beginning.

 Learn as much as possible before investing and only then invest.  Because the more you learn, the more you will earn.

 If you have learned and want to invest in crypto currency, you can start with India's best crypto currency investing app Coin Dcx.

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Is earning money difficult? 


No, Earning money is not as difficult as you think, because many people around you are making more money than you. 

You just need a little financial knowledge 
from which you can also earn money.

Successful people always learn from successful people. , So If you want to become rich find someone rich and do what is he doing one day you will be rich. 

  • 3 Secrets of Rich people how they             earn money          


Rich people don't work for money,             money works for them. 

    Yes, you heard it right, rich people do not work for money, money works for them. 

    They develop such a system of earning 
    money. So that even if they don't work, 
    they keep getting money. 
    Because, If you don't find a way to
    make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. 
    If you are an employee then you get paid only when you work. 

   Suppose, If you are not working for some reason then you will not get the money either.      

  Rich people don't save money. 
   Yes, Rich people don't save money, they     earn money from money

    They spend more money on the suchngssongsngshrings theme rich invest the most in themselves. 
   Rich men Bill Gates or Elon Musk, these people read books every day to make themselves better. 

   They join many courses to improve themselves. 

   They are always learning new things that they can improve themselves. 

  • How can you apply these principles your to life so that you too can become rich? 

  It doesn't matter if you are an employee or whatever, I can give you 5 principles by which you too can become rich.
  1. Increase your source of passive income.
  First of all, save, 20% of what you earn and run your household expenses w the rest 80%.
   After that buy such things with your   20% money which, will increase your money more

   You can invest in the Stock Market Or ilateOrlatern buy a vehicle and give it to rent. This will increase your source of income. 
   The day you earn 10 times more than your expenses from your income resources that day you will become rich

2    Invest in yourself  

  Because, The more you invest in yourselfthe more your value increase and the more you will be able to earn. 

  You can learn new skills that will increase your value future.
  • You can learn new-generation skills like investing in Diiintdigitalrketing, YouTube creation and blogging etc. 
2 Invest your time in reading good books. 

You should read good books every day so you can increase your knowledge. 

 A book holds one person's years of experience from which you can learn very quickly. 

 Because We do not have enough time to 
 experience everything and learn the 
the fastest way to learn is to learn from experts. 

And last, pay maximum attention to your family and your wealth, that is the biggest wealth in the world. 

If you want to develop a rich mindset then you must read Robert Kawasaki's's best book Rich Dad Poor Dad ou and if you don't have much time, you can listen to its audiobook on KuKu Fm. 

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Thanks for reading